Selfcare Sunday
The new crystals 😍 welcome 🤗! Phantom quartz aka ghost quartz and a Smokey Phantom Quartz and Smokey Quartz Freeform

Selfcare Sunday


So here are the two new big deal crystals in my life this year. Maybe someday I tell you who they are. Angels and deities are what I choose names from usually. The smokey quartz in Freeform shape is a very high vibration shape. The Phantom is focused on inner journey not outward, and the tower/point shape amplifies your intentions.

I also just recieved my other mail today for the first time, I was wondering what the hold up was since I got an email on the 11th saying look out for your welcome packet. So here is a ring I bought for my birthday as well, I have almost all the lucky dragon rings from FJ now. Just in time for the lunar new year 🙂🙃🙃🙂

I must say I’m not used to Central time yet, it feels too fast or like the day is over too fast and I’ve been a night owl a few nights too. It’s weird. Thats all the materials I have gotten myself lately. Now I have to spend a little on my body health, ugh, never ends. At least my inner child rejoices at the sparkly stuff so she is satisfied for a spell, until she wants to paint 😩 soon dear.

Am I swollen today? Yes…unfortunately. But I wasn’t when I woke up so that’s one thing that is different, I also had an urge to pee this morning where I hadn’t felt urge for a few days. So I think that’s good, too TMI?

I slept pretty good but woke up once. Chimmie got off the bed during the night and then was confused on how to get back up for a minute and gave me a sorrowful cry, lol, it was really sad sounding, had to point to her steps and she was fine, I leave the hall nightlight on for here so she can see, still too new I guess. Oh and a neighbor was singing too, at like 2am. Lol.

Well, good night, it is warmer today kind of. Hopefully a restful night and not swollen in the am. Until tomorrow.

Another light show on my wall 👀, hmm