Selfcare Sunday
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Selfcare Sunday


Another sleepless Saturday, just couldn’t wind down. Wide awake at 3am been up ever since. I caved and got a Vente Starbucks coffee this morning and a ridiculously priced vanilla custard danish. I hardly ever do this Starbucks thing, but today was the day, lol. I just had to have it. Look at this freaking squirrel, it is so healthy looking. It is huge, probably can’t tell from the pic but it’s big, I’m used to seeing desert scraggly squirrels on their last leg 🤣.

I didn’t wear any socks at all over night last night and my legs feel really weird today. They look normal-ish but feel really tight like they are in plastic bags 😣. So…in a little bit I’m going to massage and moisturize them and put compression socks back on.

I got a new ring, I know, like I need it but…it was so cute and affordable I could not pass it up. I was gifted a face mask in my angel number necklaces package so I thought I’d do that today. Why are sheet masks so unflattering? Lol. It was very moisturizing though, I liked the results.

I’m just going end this here I’ll add to it as the day goes on. I kinda like doing it that way. Happy Sunday...

Random quote:

and a meditation today in lieu of music