Spring cleaning Sunday
😂 this is the near future

Spring cleaning Sunday


About last night…OMG! It was rowdy but only until about 11pm. I had three attempts to open my front door 😳! It was the same people twice and then another couple. Both drunk couples fighting, so two different crying girls and two guys. It was a misunderstanding the first people meant to go one building down and were really sorry and embarrassed. The second couple were a lot more f’d up, and the guy came back again without the girl, 🙄 still confused. He was like, “fuck wrong door again, and staggered off”, I think he was looking to fight someone. He probably went to jail before the night was over. I turned off the light in front of the door, it was obviously drawing them in. Why did these people go to open the door first before knocking, it seems backwards. There were a couple of guys earlier in the day yelling they were gonna get so fucked up, must have been them, they only made it until about 9:30 😆. Ugh, and I’m the one that woke up feeling hung over. My mouth was really dry, also my nasty big toe seeped onto the neighboring toe and they were solid stuck together until I stretched them this morning. FML!! I‘m afraid to take my sock off and look at it.

Anyways, today I’m spring cleaning my floors and also digital content. I do this occasionally, so some older posts on IG will be archived, I already have done that to FB, I‘m barely ever there, I don’t have time for all the FB groups I’m in or chatting, I do apologize for that. To talk to me I’ll answer IG question messages from followers, or if you have my email address that is good too. Please reach out if you feel like it.

I am happy to say the table I put out yesterday by the dumpster has disappeared! I hope it found a good home... 😂 probably full of beer cans and puke.

Tonight I may post again…a future forward one 🔮 it’s coming on, it’s coming on…