Self care Sunday pep talk
Local cookies

Self care Sunday pep talk


Good morning. These cookies were pretty good (I’ve not tried the first one yet which is a cinnamon pastry thing). This cookie chain Crumbl is local but I think they are all over KS, as well as a few other states. Were they Twisted Sugar good? No…but I’ll probably get them again, not really comparing because this place has different kinds of cookies where Twisted are predominantly sugar cookie based. I ❤️ the packaging! So Crumbl Cookie has six cookies of the week, they change the menu every Monday and are closed on Sundays. The cookies I passed on this week were peanut butter chocolate chip (because I hate PB!), red velvet white chocolate chip (sounded boring), and maple cream which was a sandwhich cookie (not really big maple fan but the cookie was cute with maple leaf design). I got them yesterday. I ate half of the other two cookies because I wanted to try both. The semi sweet chocolate chunk and sea salt was really good, such a good combination and not over the top sweet. The Oreo Birthday cake surprised me on flavor, looked really boring but the icing was a cream cheese on which made it great. I’m going to have the cinnamon one midday with chai latte, it is huge but it is described as light and fluffy so I might eat it all. I think it will be a good combo with the tea. This is the end of my dessert indulgences for a little bit, it should be easy. Trying to clean up my eating this upcoming week, but I wanted to try Crumbl since I moved here. Brainstorming now on what to have this week.

If you have not checked it out I have a full moon preview out a few posts back. You might already be feeling the moon now, posted early to help out.

Now for a small pep talk for the awakened collective. Ah I know…I already feel your burnout…it’s heavy as hell.

Yes, this is a fast paced year (spiritually) and for many physically demanding. Lots of first times and uncomfortable positions, for our own good even when you don’t see it yet. The further we go through the year the more it will make sense. Lots of travel or moving and new starts in aspects of our individual lives. Then for others maybe it is just really exhausting due to the spiritual upgrades and not much else is going on. I have already seen ascended masters take a time out this year. Never have I seen it like this, but I’ve never been here, alive until now. They however just kind of disappear and apologize later, when they feel well again. Again they are pros at energy clearing and balancing and seeing ahead but they also take on everyone else’s energy clearing. If they need to take time for themselves you better believe we do too. We should all be clearing our own energies at this point.

The spiritual upgrades can break your body down in ways you may have never noticed before. Firstly you must be open to receive the energy in the first place to feel okay, which means cleanse your space daily and try incorporating soul soothing things in and around your home. How do we do this? By not letting stuff pile up when possible, it creates stuck energy in your body, shower/bathe, don’t hold on to meaningless stuff you have. Try the act of letting something go when you buy something new. Burn incense, have yard bonfires, candles, oil lamps, all good. Circulate your air, open windows when possible, change your A/C filters in your houses, try house plants, tend to your yards and gardens. Open your swimming pools, well…soon, lol. Get a water fountain for your yard, make rock gardens for water drainage, get a mini fountain for inside the house or an aquarium, the sounds of running water is soul soothing, unless its a broken pipe in a wall. Don’t forget your car needs cleaned as well, and your pets. These types of things will bring you into the present moment where messages and answers to questions or prayers will materialize.

Everything is working out, but listen to your body. Keep it healthy as the dna integrations come in. Divine feminines don’t forget to rest every chance you get this year, while on the move, sleep schedule is wrecked for most everyone, if you don’t your body will decide for you, which you do not want that! I actually blacked out with a few of the 5D/6D blackouts this year. Try to always carry water with you, take the nap when you can, eat if your body tells you to, move the energy around your body, breathe, be smart in direct sunshine. You don’t want to hangout at the ER for IV fluids and heat stroke. This is the year of strength, but that doesn’t mean brute physical it means perseverance through challenges. Divine masculine stay calm, first of all it’s sexy, breathe, choose your energy expenditures wisely, keep one foot on the ground as you start to really wake up to your higher self. If you don’t you might not be able to ground your ideas into the physical. You might have felt tired at the beginning of the year but as it progresses you might get that second wind, and of course eat, sleep and stay hydrated too.

Next year we all shed skin so we don’t die, and hermit with year of the wood snake, taking all that spiritual scribble we jotted down, in 2024 and put into strategizing and planning, creating and writing the future foundations. We are all grounding it down into the physical right now. Using the visionary lens of the moon dragon, I can see lots of divine feminine creating new things, new ways of existing, integrating their divine truths into the modern day life, and taking no shit. I can see Divine Masculines sun dragons understanding more of what the Divine Feminines are trying to create which makes it easier to bring it to life in 3D collectively.

Then, looking further down the way we will be at 2026 we are back to magician and year of the fire horse. Thats when the magic really happens, ooh that’s a hot chariot. Stay excited but grounded for the future.

I understand some people will get upset when I say masculine and feminine. As I have said before, it is energy, not gender, we are not perfectly aligned constantly because we are human imperfection, we strive towards it but have not attained it. So for now, I mean which energy a person is most comfortable projecting to the world at any given time. We all have both energies inside us, one is more of a seer and the other more of a doer. This can be taken as just ourself using both energies to work it out without external influence. I do not know how else to explain it at this time and by no means intend to leave anyone out regardless of what one may or may not identify as. We are here, we have shit to do and um see. So, yeah have a great day? 🤣 🤯


I’m back with a revisit to an obscure band I used to listen to a lot, I guess 20 years ago. I mean, where are they now? Like vanished into the air. Hmm.

Kwan where are you? lol ❤️ loved these songs