Self Care Sunday Unboxing
No she wasn't in a box 🤣, she is being silly rolling on her back 📸

Self Care Sunday Unboxing


Well hello, I'm like here everyday. I decided to throw up some pictures of my non-art supply orders. Originally supposed to come tomorrow but surprise its a day early!

These straws are super well made and packaged, really nice, very surprised at the quality being only like $6 on amazon. The lighter is really cool, rechargeable, uses an electric current to light things, had no problem lighting a candle. Its after 2pm now, so I’ll wait until tomorrow to try the coffee. I'll post my thoughts on it on IG. I will try the turmeric ginger green tea and start the milk thistle today. So real actual liver detox starts today 🙂.  I'll replace my water filters in a little bit and hydrate some chia into gel for tomorrow. I got the glass straws for teas so I didn't have to use my stainless steel ones, which I use for water in my Beast cup only. I passed on maca powder and the la moon tea for now. Maybe next month.

For the next sixty days I'll be taking this b complex, then I'll upgrade to a different vitamin b complex called methylation support, and a glutathione supplement (for inflammation) called methylation 3.  I'm still waiting on D3+K2 and biowarrior iodine to get here. It's a lot of new additions I'm happy to get started though I think I'll rapidly change, feeling confident in it. Wish me luck please!

Below are the card messages I pulled for the oracle reading this morning, if anyone wants to get straight to the point.  
Have a magical rest of the day!