Selfcare Sunday 🥱
My arrangement for the day 

Selfcare Sunday 🥱


I slept really good and woke up happy, not much dream activity lately since I started listening to the root chakra frequency, except I do remember one this AM. Not to be shared, but I just observe that and I am a little dazed today, as if I've been up for hours longer than I have, comfortable but not feeling like doing much. When I listened to Delta waves a few times overnight in the past, I woke up feeling like my body slowed down so much that if I slept any longer I'd be dead 😂

I'm sure it shows I have nothing to say here today. I know quality over quanity but, not in this instance. I'm just here to make myself keep regular posts even if they suck. If I don’t, I'll just stop completely and that wouldn't be good for me.  Here is a video I like when clearing my energy, its fun to watch too.

Oh, and as a treat for those who missed my Divinity II post, I made it public for the duration it took me to write this post, which took much much longer than it should have 🤣. If you missed it I'll more than likely make it public again in the future. You just need to check back occasionally to find out.

I'm going to go for now, I have a few things I have to get done before I'm too tired. Happy Sunday!