September and Friday!
One month closer to Halloween 🎃

September and Friday!


Oh how I love you. I'm grateful to be here and to witness another fall seasons birth. It is different in the desert, it is still quite hot but it will start cooling down at night and drying up the closer we get to the end of the year. I'm also grateful to be away from hurricane season and all that it brings. I hope all my Florida people are safe and have minimal damage to property and belongings during this current hurricane.

I remembered to make the moon water from this bluemoon! I put some in my altar goblet as an offering and the rest is on the kitchen counter for refilling it October  1st and November 1st (for dia de los muertos). We'll see if it stretches out until Dec. 1st too.

Yesterday I made a second terrarium out of an old candy jar that has a superficial crack in the glass. It should be fine, the glass is thick, I couldn’t justify throwing it out just yet. Not sure what I’ll do with it exactly. I just threw in some random things for now it is small.

Today I am trying to decide if I want more Four Sigmatic coffee packets or just the mushroom blend to add to my own coffee. I am thinking just add to coffee would be more cost effective in the long run. There is a ten mushroom blend with a tiny bit of vitamin C which I think would be my chosen option over the 'Focus blend', which has added B12 🙄 Cyano!!

I guess I should atleast try it out for a month and I can change my mind next month if I want. I'm loving it though, I drink one regular coffee and then switch to one mushroom coffee and I find myself rushing through the first cup to get to the next 😆. This past month I switched to the 'balance blend' which tastes exactly like the 'focus' but has probiotics and ashwanganda and no b12 thankfully! I need to get more matcha latte too, but it will have to wait.

Yesterday was such a strange feeling day for me, very quite, calm, peaceful, no emotional turmoil but no real elevated happiness either just a calm state of being. It is a rare day to not at some point have intrusive thoughts, ear ringing, pulsing or what I call 'spirit chatter' telling me something. Hmm, a day off 🤣, thanks so much! I'm ready now to recieve messages and back at all my normal activities today. Starting the day off right.

I am curious how everyone else is feeling since the full moon. Instead of listening to the root chakra overnight last night I listened to this one (linked below) I feel fine, not super rested as I still feel tired in the eyes, so I do think I went on some kind of weird adventure I don’t remember, try it if you want to see where you go.

I should be listening to third eye and crown overnight to aid in downloads, but I just can’t sleep to that, so I'll do that during the day instead.

Yesterday I started archiving posts on IG. I'll probably continue do that for a little bit today, just tidying up and freeing up space. I'll probably be less transparent there little by little, and Threads is still a WTF even is this? lol. I was only on twitter briefly back when I had my jewelry store, and I didn’t get that either...hated it 😂. I am trusting that some of you are from IG or FB and like me enough to come here and see what I'm up to. If you don't come here, and its free and safe, do you even like me at all? That’s my ego talking, I know. See only shows stats from subs. I only have one sub...ahh and that is ME! 😂😂😂. I wanted to see how my website looked from the other side so I joined my own blog. Now, I'm not going to login and comment on my posts or anything, but that is part of the talking to myself jokes. I can count on me to always be there and laugh at all my jokes, and know exactly what I mean.  So, if anyone is concerned that I've noticed you've checked it out, and don't want me to know for some reason, I cannot see that. I can only guess or you flat out tell me. I don’t want to run ads from google or whatever to give me stats and if I did it still won't identify you, it would just tell me a number of hits that came from google, IG, FB or whatever. This website is legit, I own it don’t be scared! See you here! Or not see you I mean 🙄, whatever. Thanks for being here!