Shadow workers timeout

Shadow workers timeout


Hello, I am back with a new message to those stuck in their recluse holes.

If you’ve been in hermit mode all year, doing shadow work on your life, put the pen down, do come up for air now it is time. It is such an important part of understanding the self but it isn't the only thing to do in 3D. Come back to life just a little bit for your own sanity, I know being a recluse is harder for some people than others. I personally love it, and thrive in it.  Go ahead and take a look around. Evaluate how far you’ve come, it is a time to rise up out of the dense energy before the dark part of the year comes again.  I don’t mean get caught up in collective social chaos if you aren’t ready, but make your rounds to evaluate the changes that occurred since the last time you came up for air.  It is always okay to take a break every few months, lots of those things you’ve worked to the surface have been purged in this last portal. You may never have to relive some of those parts of you, take a moment to ingest and revel in that. I’m sure you’ll grasp which things those are for your own life, however much of that weight is past life ancestral things that you don’t remember. All you knew was that the weight was heavy because you carried it so far for your ancestors. They are smiling, so smile back because you’ve cleared their karma.  Let that weight roll off your shoulders.

You are now carrying more light than before, still in progress of integration, keep clearing energy, am and pm especially if your an empath.  Staying hopeful and joyful as possible. Meanwhile, go into the wind, listen to chimes, or wind instruments, bird songs, do some breath work outside, day or night which ever is more comfortable for you, smudge with sage. A spiritual journey needs looked back upon to see the progress, no one can tell you how you’re doing except your guides and spirit. Meditate to meet with your higher self for any need of validation, you will probably come across your next steps forward there.  Don’t take your dreams lightly right now.

Like I've said before we will always have shadow work, because we cannot reach perfection in 3D, but the load gets lighter and lighter, the deeper we dig and purge, because we become more and more 'the light' the longer we live.

I don't run from my demons, I love them