Graphic by Michelle Knight/MzFantasia…me!
Graphic created by me 

She’s stuck in her daydream

…all things me, and created by me, from my own interpretations of the life I live and all the dimensions in-between I've been exploring throughout my time on this planet.

I suppose I should start with a casual and brief introduction. My name is Michelle, I'm a self taught artist trying to find her way, currently bringing my daydreams to reality, starting now.  Mzfantasia is my alias I've always used in art promo sites starting from the long deceased Elfwood, then onward to Deviantart, then to my first social media experience Myspace, rest in peace and so on.  I have been wanting to resurrect MzFantasia in a new creative way,  so here I am.  I'll spend the next blog entry on who I am.  First, let me say, "Welcome to my world," I'm so honored to make your acquaintance. If you've followed me from a social media, "I love you!" Thanks for keeping up with my evolving creative endeavors, it means the world to me. I can’t wait to share the ever expanding depths of my being with you in a way I just don’t feel is appropriate anymore on a massive social media scale. It really does bleed you dry, emerses you in self doubt which leaves you hollow and defeated. I have done massive amounts of inner work on myself, for me but also for all that interact with me. These past few challenging years I have come to a place of not needing so much outside validation. However, as much as I wish to hide I also wish to be seen, by the people that I am supposed to cross paths with.  It looks as though I've finally found my spot on the web to lay down my anchor.  I’m looking towards manifesting a world to soothe my own soul, first and foremost. Then I hope to inspire others to build their own creative havens outside of Instagram and Facebook, as the media sites seem to be dying a slow but definite death.  The mindless scrolling...the all consuming time-suck...the meaningless interaction of heart button tapping and meme swapping...have we completely given up?  Those effortless things do little to actually warm the heart anymore, honestly I'm quite over it. I'm not young enough to enjoy that type of interaction longterm, nor do I have the personality for it, and dare I say I actually loathe emoticons. Let me insert three of them 🤣🤣🤣 as I cringe so as to not scare you off, as I must be horribly mean spirited to say that.  I'm pretty sure any of you over forty are agreeing and lolllllling...which is also cringe too. O'well, what can you do, hieroglyphics coming back instyle.

In the coming weeks and months you can expect to find lots of art, photography, video, writing, and personal life things. Basically all things me, and created by me, from my own interpretations of the life I live and all the dimensions in-between I've been exploring throughout my time on this planet. I hope to create a comment section eventually to encourage meaningful interaction with me, if one is not provided already. I'm not concerned whom talks to each other in a social media sense. Perhaps that is wrong, but I enjoy deeper conversations and broader interaction with people one on one,  and I'll leave the small talk for social media. Sometimes it feels as if people are afraid to connect deeper,  because their afraid of what other people will think, I am no exception, I do it as well. The even more tragic reason may be that infact we have forgotten completely how to interact with each other post pandemic.  Perhaps, if I create a safe space, people will feel comfortable enough to be themself with me.  Is there anybody listening? I'm also looking to create some art that will be for sale eventually. I've decided to explode with passion not fear. I just had to decide, and once I decide I rarely change my mind. I feel this will be a perfect basecamp to plug it, but more on that later, and bare with me while I learn the ropes. As for today...I just had to start, on very little sleep, but a little caffeine, vitamins and sunshine I'm plowing through.  Happy International Womens Day to all the modern goddesses rising up around the world, I see you!  "Hello" Im glad you have decided to stop by and look around. It's pretty empty so far but, I build fast!