Sinkhole Sam
🤣 🪱 🐍

Sinkhole Sam


The cryptid of Kansas is Sinkhole Sam. 🤣. He is indeed a 15ft wormlike creature that lives in around lake Inman, blamed for potholes and bad roads. Ya don’t say 🧐, Inman huh. So first thing that comes to my mind, because it’s warped, is that it’s sounds like a pet name someone gave their penis. As I silently laugh myself to death here, (because when I really get laughing I don’t make any noise and can’t breathe) 😂🤣😂 right?! I love my cryptids I didn’t know about Sam before, and I always like to know which one goes with the state I’m head to.

It makes me laugh looking at the pictures people have drawn because reminds me of this big snake stuffed animal I had when I was little at my grandparents house. I had told everyone his name is, “Snakey George F.” When asked why that name, I didn’t know, it was just his name, he was probably 15ft long too.

I am sitting here drinking the remainder of this juice that didn’t go into the cranberry sauce this AM. I love cranberry sauce, orange juice not so much but I like it with pulp the best. I also had regular coffee after my mushroom coffee, which I'm not used to anymore. I’m perky now!

Last night I listened to this video below 👇🏻. Woke up well rested, and legs and feet had a nice vibration. I will use it again for sure maybe even while awake at some point in the day for a while. I am off to do something else now. Enjoy your day 🫂

Very healing!

Many hours later…I had logged into fb and read my memories for the day and I came across my original post on my toe. Omg it was 8yrs ago not 6yrs!