Slowly level up
You got this (photo taken at Konza Prairie, Manhattan, KS)

Slowly level up


I wrote that yesterday 👇🏻 2.4.24

“I made today magical. I got outside of my normal physical pain into my abundance. It felt like more my birthday than my birthday did. I watched a whole season of “rewired” so good! I did everything I like to do. My art supplies happened to show up today instead of tomorrow. I ate a potato cake to make up for missing natl tater tot day 🤣.  Having tacos for dinner because I decided ahead of time and got supplies yesterday so I couldn’t back out. Already have Monday’s dinner too, one less thing to think about. The only thing not perfect is the socks aren’t here until Monday. It’s ok tomorrow I’ll have them.“

Got ‘em!

Alright, I wrote that yesterday but never got to a second post so I thought I’d tack it on today’s. I cannot believe it’s already after 9am it was just 6am a minute ago. Time is such a peculiar thing isn’t it? I woke up irritable as all hell, not sure why considering yesterday was blissful. I have turned that around and have balanced myself back out. Not much overnight healing is why. I did sleep but swelling is about the same as when I went to sleep, my boobs are heavy today and that makes it worse that is hormonal and out of my control really. After my socks get here I’m going to put them on have lunch then go lay down in bed to elevate my legs. To do that I have to lay flat on my back which is not ideal for sleeping for me, so I’m just going to listen to something soothing as I get my blood pumping back to my heart for an hour or two. However long I can stand being in that position. Hoping to get back to as close to normal as possible at the end of the week.

Looking forward to get started on my sketch pad, I may get to it today. Will probably waste a sheet on swatching the colors for fun. I made a little video of all the things on IG. Check it out there, link on homepage, it is Mz.fantasia with the dot because without the dot was already taken, 🙄 the audacity 😂! Well this is already long AF, I need to get started on some stuff so, expect an Art Dump Tuesday post tomorrow and most likely a second post after it. Bye for now, have a magical Monday.


I just realized:

I think that download the other day about, “don‘t forget the old recipes“ is alchemical…face palm! Of course. Makes more sense than food recipes 😂.