So behind
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So behind

Still sick, lol.  I feel like I've lost a whole month. Not at all how I intended to spend April, this was a total shocker. I started my period Sunday on top of having Covid and I started to wonder how I was going to get through it, I almost passed out once Saturday from exhaustion. My patience is running out. Today I've been sitting here coughing, sneezing, bleeding, and crying, not too proud to say it is a lot.  I feel like I've been put throught the ultimate purge of all bodily fluids, lol. Well, Im not at all swollen in my joints which makes it a little easier to handle this.

Today I feel like I'm on Sudafed or Benadryl but I'm not.  I have Pamprin which is great for body aches. I've been so sleepy I've fallen asleep three times today for about 20 mins each, which I never nap and not just a light nap either like a death nap 😂, Ive been surprised at waking up every time because I didn't know I fell asleep.  This last time I think really helped me feel a bit better because I can actually think about something other than how I'm feeling. Currently writing this and listening to frequencies for virus, toxins, elimination. Can't hurt right?

This has been the longest span of time I've been sick with a virus since I was a kid. I had chronic bronchitis growing up, it always took me out for two weeks a year or so until I was thirteen (you grow out of it). If I compare the two they are about equally annoying.

I do see the finishline in the distance, I'm going to cross it. I'm lucky in the period department because mine is super regular and short (three days) so tomorrow will be the last day for that as well.  I have a feeling I'm going to feel worn out for a week or so too. I'll definately get out in the sun sometime this week to help recover.  I havent been able to drink anything fizzy because of the state this virus left on my mouth which was super hot, dry, and swollen gums and throat. That maybe be the worst part, the mouth pain.  I have healthy beautiful teeth, normally, but this week I hardly recongized them being surrounded by big red gums, and my stupid wisdom teeth erupted too like they do now and then. Luckily I have biotene mouthwash which is for dry mouth (no alcohol) so I’ve been using that a few times a day to keep the mouth wet. Things are calmer since the fever is gone now.

So now that I've been through hell week, I can say what would have helped for a better week. A new thermometer I didn’t have to stick in my mouth, a cooling ice pack head mask thingy for headaches would have helped the fever faster.  A second pitcher of water I could have cold. Seemed like I drank it all too fast, (it was all I was drinking) and everytime I poured some more it wasn’t cold yet which was annoying. Bamboo compression sleeves for my calves to help with body aches.  Sweet food was the best tasting, so I would’ve prefered to have some options in the house. Honey was very helpul. Ramen was also soothing.

This is my last post on being sick. Lets be magical next. I've been reborn.

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