Oracle pull for the day

Random cards for the collective today. We have denial as the soul lesson and solar plexus chakra activation. Personally blockages in the solar plexus is still my most often blocked chakra, and I feel like I’m constantly clearing it. Denial card is telling you to stop burying fears and resentments, which gives those emotions power to fester and cause dis-ease. Instead deal with them as they appear in your life, acknowledge, take as long as you need to neutralize without hiding. Soul (your authentic self) wishes to live in authenticity in the now. Uproot past fears and resentments now, dig em up, examine and release. Solar plexus is the third lower chakra dealing in personal power, authority, personality and ego. Yellow is the color associated, and Solar like ‘the sun’ your inner fire, it is the color that strengthens vitality, life force, and energy. Reprogram your mind out of lack mentality and into abundance. Use your sense of ‘sight and intuition’, (your eyes that look and the one that sees). Get some sunshine and take a look around you at the beauty of it all, and remember you lack nothing, get out of the illusion of what the world tells you are worth, you are already enough. Once you balance back out of it you vibrate higher to receive more of what you thought you lacked, but not until you know your worth.

Spend a little time today in sol (soul)-i-tude in the sunshine. Watch the sunrise and sunset. Sit outside. Incorporate yellow into your day today, eat and drink yellow things, wear something with yellow, utilize citrine into an energizing ritual or meditation. Citrine is the only crystal that recharges itself, wear citrine on your receiving arm/hand to constantly replenish your energy, wear it on the giving arm/hand to aid others that need energy. Remember you can also charge your other crystals with citrine. Much love and healing to you 💛💛💛

My spirit guide 🧚...this means spiritual upgrades. Thank you dear!