☀️ eclipse on ♎️ 🌑

☀️ eclipse on ♎️ 🌑


How we feeling today? Currently I have a really tight feeling in my solar plexus, I am working it out right now. I was extremely hungry this morning so I ate immediately after the eclipse, and took my vitamins this afternoon instead of morning, very backwards days so far. I pulled tarot during the eclipse, and I’m not showing any of it here today. lol. But I do have collective Oracle cards to share. I’ll just briefly explain each, they flow really well.

So first we have a card from my new deck Urban Crow, #24. Illusion- Does your interpretation of a situation match reality, or are you acting on illusion? This can be internal about self as aswell because of this second card.

The next card #39 from the Astro Oracle deck is 1st house in reverse which is the challenge position. The 1st house is the house of self and how you appear to others. It is asking you to reach beyond the smokescreens and shallowness of appearance to who you really are at the core, and reevaluate how you present that to the world. Again kind of goes with that illusions card.

Don’t let the cards trigger you, it is really about being raw and unapologetically you right now, people will either like it or not. That sun energy can clash with Libra moon. Not everyone will like you if you don’t fit in their box, and that’s life. You be you and let people fall away that can’t handle it, new people will fill in the gaps, and real ones stick around to some degree through all your phases.

Then we have the #1 Root Chakra, I think we all know what this one means by now. Ground yourself, try listening to a root chakra balancing frequency while you sleep I know first hand it is wonderful! Other than that try to connect with the earth little bit while awake it will do wonders! Be present, use your senses to make those brain connections to what is happening, enjoy food, touch plants, feel the sunshine, or the rain, rub the fabric of your shirt, whatever it is that reminds you that you are alive this second and know you are safe.

Next is the soul lesson is ‘Service’ affirmation is ‘I feel good when I am in service to others’. Yes here is a balance for the Libra moon today, this card feels good because it resonates at soul frequency. Try and do something nice for someone else today without need for reciprocation, just out of pure generosity.

Last is #32 from starry beginnings oracle ‘it is all at your fingertips, what has been created by one can be had by all.‘ All you have to do is vibrate at the frequency of deserving to partake in, or have whatever it is everyone else is having. Whomever created it wants you to have it. Alright this concludes ‘my service’ it is at your fingertips, that’s what I got for the collective take what you want! lol, I want you to have it.

I hope everyone is feeling okay, is being their true badass selves and being kind and feeling taken care of and generous at the same time. I’m going to meditate some more I’m feeling better too. ☺️. Bye!

About an hour later…
😆🤭: I came back because this whole reading sounds dirty, now I can’t unsee it that way…and I had pure intentions. Had! Deep sigh and face palm. Collective 😏