Solar flares
intense energy today throbbing itchy burning

Solar flares


Dealing with energetic overload

How are U feeling in the X flares? I am wired and tired, wide awake in the wee hours but the full moon is coming too so its 2x as intense. Thirsty and very itchy, which should make me more irritable than I am actually. Really itchy right ear, which I’ll take that thank you very much, and not bitch about it at all. The strangest is that my shoulders feel actually sunburned 👀! I‘m not exposing my bare arms to the elements so that is interesting. Interesting visions today…had a really hot face at one point.

I have paid extra attention to the solar plexus today, breath work, cleared energy parasites, did an energy boost meditation to keep up with the energy, called all my energy back, worked on art, cleared karma, cleaned the air with Tibetan singing bowl. Had an orgasm, well two … I dunno, I have done all I can to move this energy around 🤣. I guess I’ll try to just go to sleep to root chakra to ground overnight. I know tomorrow is a new day. A new dawn. Good luck if you’re feeling the same stuff. I tried.