Sole Water
Himalayan Pink Salt, not just sodium, nutrient dense 84 trace minerals!

Sole Water


Good morning :) I'm crushing this sleep thing lately, feeling good! Even through these consecutive energetic dreams I'm waking up from, although waking just a little sooner than I want. O'well here I am, ready to do this Earthly shit now for a few hours.

Got some organic wild rice, tortillas, black beans and veggies for burritos. I've never had wild rice in a tortilla hopefully the texture is  okay. I wanted black rice but it isn't at the store, I'll have to order some.  Also looking for some organic ramen, because I love ramen and need a clean brand. I like lotus jade pearl I may just get that. Also got some salad things and decided to try Brianna French Vinaigrette. I'm trying to eventually find all new salad dressings that don’t have folic acid in it that I like. Such a pain but necessary, mthfr is for life 🫤. My favorite salad dressing was a red pepper vinaigrette from a brand called seeds of the earth, I cannot find it anymore, still sad about it. As you may have guessed from this paragraph I'm having a salad for lunch, with baked broccoli florets and a boiled egg.

I'm making 'Sole' (Sol-ay) today for the first time. It is a Salt Water miracle drink it's so good for you I guess. I will give it a try. It is one part salt to 3 parts water. Has to be a glass jar with plastic lid because it will oxidize metal which you don't want metal leaching in to your water. Shake it up and leave it on the counter indefinitely it never goes bad! Ready to use after 24hrs, you will have layer of salt on the bottom of the jar which will be a visible marker of salt saturated water, no need to shake it again.  Then you put one tsp of that water into 8oz of fresh water (any temperature) in AM and drink it first thing. This supposedly does miraculous stuff to your body, has 84 trace minerals (micro particles easy to absorb cellularly). Only do it in the AM one time a day. only use unrefined himilayan pink salt to make it. I have a ton of that so I figured that I'd give it a go. Use a non metal tsp spoon for scooping!

For the whole scoop check out the article below 👇🏻

SOLE Himalayan Salt Water – Never Buy Minerals Again! | Himalayan salt benefits, Sole water, Himalayan salt
Feb 24, 2017 - When water and unrefined salt are combined, they form a new dimension, Sole (pronounced So-lay), himalayan salt water. Positive ions in the salt surround

if you don't wanna go read it, this is the list of what it does 👇

I've not tried it before,  so I'll have to do awhile before I can say if it is good to do or not. I prefer to get my minerals from food or drink over supplementing with the exception of magnesium. It is too easy imbalance yourself. Trace minerals will not be an issue.  I don't feel you can get too much magnesium either, it's used for every single bodily function, it's what sucks nutrients into your cells.

I may come back and write another post today. So check back later if you want. Have a great day. This month is flyiiiing! wow.