Spring blooms
Spring blooms


Hello! Hope everybody’s Easter weekend was good.  This is just a journal entry type of post. I have been under the weather for DAYS, last night I woke up choking on my own saliva, it was terrible, and during I thought to myself, “well this is the dumbest way to leave this world, I knew it! I knew it would be dumb!” but then I lived 😐. My right eye is runny, driving me crazy and it hurts from wiping it! However, in positive aspects I’m having creative bursts, so I’ve been on the sidelines of normal life chores but getting stuff done still. Trying not to get distracted by the chaos of unkempt house stuffs.  This weekend definitely involves a vacuum and steam mop to collect the dust and pollen and whatever is on the floor.  Last week I found myself being sucked back into Facebook again, but caught myself and corrected the behavior, and I’m proud of that. I recently uploaded some digital art on IG, I absolutely love being able to add music to my animations. I think it adds that extra something to bring it to life. If you haven’t please check out my IG page, the link is on my homepage.

Easter related memory, one of two rabbits I had growing up. Age (8?)

I feel better today than I have in a week so I’ve already done a lot today that I’ve put off. I have ran into a hiccup on my secret project…(of course). I am working with a design company that lets me use their tools however…I can’t seem to get the text function to work.  The editor has no text box? And it says…put text in green text box in the top right hand corner…but it’s not there 🤨 I clicked all clickable buttons. So, I took some time off from it, hopefully it was just a loading issue so when I go back it loads correctly or I’ll have to ask a real person if I can’t figure it out.

I think I had a few moments this month of slipping into lack mentality, and materialism, and almost felt sorry for myself. But I’m not lacking, I just have high expectations of myself and self imposed deadlines to keep.  So today I have made it a point to reflect on what I’ve accomplished so far and bring myself back into abundance.  Because if you focus on what you don’t have, you are accumulating more lack.  So I’m changing my perspective to, “oh look what I have!” 😂 I kid you not it works every time, just pick up stuff and look at it with awe. Then I get super happy, and remember earth isn’t such a bad place to be.  Besides I am manifesting all I need little by little, even if I’m a month or two behind.  By ‘things’ I don’t mean just materials, there is a ton more layers of abundance than meets the eye.  Although I would be lying if I said 3D materials mean nothing to me. They mean a lot less to me than anytime previously in my life as I learn to detach. I am striving to be more minimalistic overall, because it’s de-stressing on the old nervous system. I really only want spiritual tools that help me get to where I want to go, in levels of consciousness so I can create things, with materials on this plane of existence for you. Anyone who needs me to show them alternate ways of being, and reassurance its okay to be.  Yes I know, “here she goes into her magical weird wonderland, when she comes back nobody knows.” Well, I say to that, “there are truths inside your magical weird wonderlands, in fact everything you need to know is in you.” In you, who the hell am I?  We are.  So be happy, go into the sunshine, pet a puppy, eat good food, laugh, listen to what gets you there. Let your soul shine, it’s all we’re meant to do, so sweet and simple✨

You’ve got free will to come and go…if you resonate with how I vibrate you can subscribe to leave comments. I’ll leave you with a random nonsensical shiba inu meme, so fvcking laugh.