Sound Healing

Sound Healing


I wanted to share this video I just watched. If you are new to sound healing, or just want to know more about it, this video is very informative, and it isn’t that long. I've only been meditating with sound for a few years, it has drastically changed me for the better over the  years. I'm so greatful to have given it a chance. I like sound bathing with binaural beats and crystal meditation, I like sleeping to cell level and dna healing frequencies. I like more specific targeting sounds for certain body parts and purposes. I like practicing astral travel, lucid dreaming, and mastertation 🫣🤭. You heard me correct, try it sometime.

I have talked before about healing sound pods for sleeping in, a sci-fi type of situation I wish to come into existence. What if you get in and it just knows what your aliment is, and just starts working on it with like a body conforming material that heats, cools, vibrates, and massages 😳🤣.  We already have zero gravity chairs, vibrating furniture, cryobooths, infrared lamp healing, life like sex dolls, suicide pods and whatever those one things shown on Big Bang Theory are with the water that mimic the womb. I mean come on science let’s go! We all could help the collective more than we do if we could just feel better individually at a basic level.

So yeah, this is where my head went this morning drinking my mushroom coffee. I just reordered it and got a different coconut creamer to try from the brand 'Laird' out of Oregon. Its really good, I think I'll get that one from now on. The four sigmatic creamer is great it was just out of stock, and honestly more expensive per oz, I'd just as well get this other one.

Hmm, so that is all I got for now...thoughts? Have a wonderful day and I'll be back soon