Spring in my step
The child is happy

Spring in my step


Oh hi again 😆, I’ve had a micro nap, but it was a hard one, snoring and drooling. Now having my caffiene, also taking my Bayer back and body which I noticed expired in 2018! It still works surprisingly well, I’m almost out though and going to get Advil next because it is suggested for the HADAS recovery putting it up against Rx Acetazolamide with less side effects. Same ol' song and dance about my feet, still swollen and feel ‘fuzzy’. Just got an email on how to care for the socks I don’t have yet. Now they’re in St Louis, almost here…

Don’t you love to hear that spring is coming? I do! I was just tossed into the blizzard weather this year and it was quite a shock to my system. I need to go through all the seasons here to climatize and withstand that kind of cold again.

As I started dozing off I got a spiritual download, ‘I heard, “don’t forget the old recipes”. Hmm, I’m stumped on it for the moment, I’m no kitchen witch, and have never claimed to be, maybe it isn’t to be taken so literal. If I figure it out I’ll let you know, maybe it’s a collective message.

I pulled the overall energy of the month this morning, it’s practically right on time…isn’t it?

We really are in between worlds right now, with Pluto moving into Aquarius lots of changes are happening this year. We really are moving into the Age of Aquarius now as a collective whether consciously moving forward or not it is happening, awareness does make the trip more pleasant. Always look back on how freaking far you’ve come and never take those baby steps for granted that got you there. It’s exciting times!