Spring Snow
I was shocked! 😆

Spring Snow


HellO! It snowed overnight, and it’s only 28 degrees now at almost 11pm. This will hopefully be the last of it, Friday the high is 75. Kansas you’re crazy.

How was the full moon eclipse for you yesterday. Pretty nutty energy for the past few days for me jumping from excited to relaxed back and forth not really knowing why. Yesterday was pretty mellow, but now I’m ovulating so back to crazy of a different kind 🤪. Just kidding I’m fine I think…

😳 🐰 🥚😂..happy Easter!

So I found a new art tool I would like to try. I just discovered it yesterday although I’m sure the technique has been around awhile. It is called a gel printing plate, and you use a roller on it to roll medium on. I guess you can use all kinds of paint and ink on it. You can create layered collages for one of a kind prints that are actually paintings. I LOVE that idea! I may get one, I watched people transfer photographs as well, the endless possibilities! I saw Bristol board being the paper transferred to and have some of that now. It‘s such quality paper highly recommend for any liquid medium art. The gel plates come in many sizes, I think I’ll get 6x6in to start just for practice before committing to an 8x10in. You wash it with soap and water so it’s easy to clean and reuse. I‘m so excited to get started and its not even here! Hate that, lol. I guess I’ll order it today, so I can play with it early next week. Anyone try this before? Let me know your opinions on IG, or somewhere.

I’m going to order lunch today for delivery, Jimmy Johns has the Caprese salami pesto sandwhich back it’s so good. I must have it 😂.

To be continued…

The sandwhich was yum! I hope it gets put on the menu permantly.

My iTunes just started playing…as you can see I haven’t even logged in or been here for years actually. Yes the music in the picture is mine but I never ever go here. So I let it play and it only played one song and stopped, lol. So that happened, this happens occasionally almost always this song. Interesting.

I have a feeling I might be up late again tonight, creating something. I’m just all excited about this stamping plate I don’t have yet. I think it opens a lot of opportunities to create in ways I hadn’t thought of before. Especially when I had been thinking about giclee printing for the high quality, but they are ridiculously expensive to own and so is getting prints made. This type of print gives quality and dimension without the price. Granted you won’t get two identical prints because you are hand creating each one but that is also what’s so cool about it, and people like that. I wish I had someone to be excited about it with, no one else is gonna care much.

I’m seeing that double helix red and blue light next to me again. This time out of my left eye, it is coming from my left elbow to the top of my iPad. What in the world. Maybe it’s my aura, my soul body? That looks red and blue according to this and a little wavy.

Alright I’m gonna to actually end the blog post and possibly most likely be back tomorrow to and at least spend time with myself if nobody else tunes in. We got this 😏😂. goodnight.