Luck and Balance

Luck and Balance


Well hello! I do believe I took yesterday off of here and social media for the most part, and today until now…it is currently 5:30pm central. It snowed here yesterday not much, it’s mostly gone now. Cold though, the 1st full electricity bill was a bit high ($250), but the heater runs constantly at these low temps plus everything runs on electricity here, and it included blizzard days. In Las Cruces the house and water was heated with gas so that bill was higher, and the electricity bill was low. Water in the desert was like $200 a month though. still cheaper here all in all.

Last night my moon nightlight just stopped being red, actually after messing with it, it only displays green. Is that a sign I’m living in my heart chakra now, lol? I’ve had it since 2018 and I never shut it off.

Yesterday I did post my newest angel number necklaces. I never saw 777 & 888 for sale before, I started to think they didn’t exist. One day soon I’ll make them all into bracelets. Made arrangements for a storage unit, and Monday or Tuesday will get the stuff out of here. Looking forward to it! So I might not have an Art dump post. I guess it depends on if I stay up all night creating, which is highly likely. The kundalini energy has been intense this month not going to lie, it is kicking my ass kind of. But…I like it at the same time, such a bizarre state of being. Who else is exploding with…creativity 😏🤣…confessions. I’m all ears.

I started watching ‘Life and Beth’ last night. It’s funny, sometimes I just need some light hearted comedy in my life. As I said before I barely watch tv at all. I haven’t watched Gaia much at all I’m starting to feel bad about subscribing, I need to probably watch something tomorrow.

My ankles are normal size I’d like to report, my toes are still white when I stretch them out though. Deep sigh and eye roll. This dimension…

Not too much else to say, with words. Until tomorrow.

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