Stormy night 🌪️🌩️

Stormy night 🌪️🌩️


Quite the stormy day/night yesterday, I am tired and having a hard time waking up. I’m listening the chakra balance and cleanse frequencies now in hopes it helps enough so I can go to sleep at a earlier hour tonight, most likely going to listen to some boost frequencies and go though my ascension help list on YouTube.

It was my first tornado warning since moving here, probably many more to come, where I will just get used to it like longtime residents. This thunderstorm warning was quite morbid and certain with their umm certainty on the lives of outdoors things. Gave me the ick. I didn’t really hear much in my area, but some places I guess the wind was kicking up 60mph. I wasn’t trying to stay up for the tornado warning to end at 1am, but I was still awake unfortunately. I woke up at 8am, I should be rested, but I feel very tired.

Just a picture of me as I try to get through the day

No petting, will bite! 🤣