Stormy Saturday 🌪️
I made this last year…not a real place…except in my head

Stormy Saturday 🌪️


It’s a dangerous time to be outside, I guess. It’s really not too windy yet or wet so far but I guess the outer rims of the storm the winds are 70-80mi hour outside my county. The warning is until 9pm. Charging phone since I noticed I’m at 20%. I’m so sleepy.


This is SO soothing…falling asleep

I’ll come back later to follow up. My brain is still blank kind of. Spent the morning meditating, tried out the leg compression massage not sure if it did much for me I need vibration sleeves, these ones just fill with air and slowly deflate to massage. Ugh! Ate Chick.fil.a now I’m tired. I have a chocolate bar for later incase it’s my last day. 😆. Just kidding I’m fine. Later!

5.27pm the watch has been lifted looks like all moving east toward Kansas City.