A ramble

A ramble


I seem to have the dumb today. I cannot think of another topic to talk about, after I said I’d be here twice. I don’t like going back on my word, so I’m here, you’ll have to endure a ramble.

I did have a creative line in my head all day so I jot it down, not sure if I channeled it or it’s mine. Here it is:

The passenger in my eyes, Looks like me in disguise

I like it, lol. I should search to see if I plagerized, I don’t really care about it though, you can have it if you like 🤣. I still have a poem to put up, it has been awhile. It is called ‘Unified Soul’ written on 6.4.23 and I checked it for plagiarism already. I’d still like to recite poems here too, it’s fun, I just don’t like anyone to watch me do it 🤣. Shhh….just listen, no looking. I have an erotic dream to share also. It has been disturbingly quiet here today, I faintly hear some traffic outside so I know it’s not the end of days yet.

I finally dissected my toe today, it was so gross. I should have taken pics but I don’t really want to remember it that way. I was able to clear out all the scab and cut the nail without any blood. Now it feels like the skin is getting real tight. I hope I did the right thing, I cannot keep doing this the rest of my life!

I‘m going to listen to music now, I only recently started listening to Roniit and Sia, they have been around a longtime, and how did I miss them? 🤣

Here is a traniquil video for your eyes I put fish in the water…lol.