Inner child
This time I was kissed by a walrus at Sea World 🤣 surprise! Fully alive in the moments’ emotions

Inner child


I thought I would do a quick post on healing our inner child.

First of all, I would like to say, we don’t actually need to heal our inner child. Our inner child is fine, it is us at our current stage in life that needs the healing. We revisit to our childhood involuntarily when we are triggered into feeling something in the present, that had been felt and repeated from earlier life, it kind of subconsciously piles up if we don’t deal with it. This sometimes requires us to revisit the past to let our inner child heal us, in the now. Even if we did have a bad experience as a child, we at that stage in life didn’t have a lifetime to sit and dwell on how bad said experience was, they only had from that day forward. The child we were at that time experienced something unpleasant for as long as it lasted and then got on with life. As a child we lived in the present moment, felt our feelings in real time, cried, got angry, and then it was forgotten. As we have gotten older we revisit the memories and distort it, doubling the pain a bit creating a new false experience. As adults we lose touch with the emotional body and the child can bring us back to balance. This is a karmic cycle repeated until you heal the emotional body.

You don’t need to go inward to let them know that, “they are loved and are safe”…because they know that, I mean, here you are still alive and kicking. You go inward so they can tell you, “you are loved and safe”. Along with your higher self who sees your whole life before you do, your inner child is your coach who has always had your back.

As adults we tend to hold things in that bother us because growing up we are told not to show emotion. We eventually learn to pack it away until a later time to save face, and then forget about it but the body still holds on to that emotion. We are emotional beings it is important we feel things as they come. When we don’t let ourselves do that subconscious negative energy builds up overtime and eventually you explode from holding back so long. Visiting your inner child regularly will remind you it is okay to feel your feelings, good or bad, in the present as things happen to you. It’s okay to full on cry, hug it out with someone and let it go. It’s okay to show happiness as full on as you feel it as-well. It is also okay to be full on angry, to walk it off alone and come back to the present after you’ve transmuted that energy and released it. The inner child was a pro at this until the world told them it wasn’t okay, and look, they made it all the way to present you! Thank them for putting on the big boy/girl pants to deal with that heavy load of first times for you.

Revisit your inner child to remember what it felt like to be excited about something. To reconnect you with the innocence that was you the artist, the explorer, the scientist, the daydreamer of big things you intended to do when you grew up, but life got in the way. Get back to that…that was the way all along. Make yourself proud. Let the inner child heal you over and over again as needed. Forgive your present self for forgetting that your feelings matter.

Much love ❤️ 🤗 now go make a fort 🤣

Not because she needs me, but because I need her to teach me about life