Summer 🌞 Solstice πŸ¦€
'Cancer Rising'

Summer 🌞 Solstice πŸ¦€

I took the day off for the most part. Β I was trying to write in the AM but I kept getting distracted. So I decided to just quit for the day on that, and I ended up making this hilarious art...showcased above. So yes, happy Cancer season! Its my rising sign and out of my big three signs, this one I feel like I am the most. I am pinchy, but lovable πŸ˜‚. Β What do you think of my seafood bouquet? Gross!

The desert is heating up this week, and to my surprise and excitement, my crazy cosmos first bud is about to open, its a hot pink flower, I did get a mix so I should have white and yellow too. Any day now, maybe today!! Β I did it, I grew something, still can't believe it.

Crazy cosmos, first bud opening

Yesterday I recieved my ring from the Fragrant Jewels Moon Rituals collection, 'Peace'. It is prettier in person than I had expected. I took a photo of the ones I have on my selenite charger plate with my moon bone carving. I should get the Angel numbers necklace '333' Β today.
I cant wait to make those into bracelets!

Wisdom πŸŒ‘, peace πŸŒ–, wealth πŸŒ•, and clarity 🌘

I didn't do any rituals for the solstice, I didn't do my nails either. Not sure what my deal is with that. I really like my manicure I have on it doesn't look bad yet. I did however pull some oracle cards for myself today. Here they are if curious...I absolutely ❀️❀️❀️ these new decks, so insightful.

I already pulled delight on Sunday. Extra emphasis on Delight!

I am feeling so enchanted lately, so in motion even though I'm mobily...comprimised, really feeling the sounds of the world, the music like I am part of it not surrounded by it. Makes me smile. If you've not seen my latest animation on IG, 'Spirit walk' go check it's alluring and slightly creepy, how it should be! lol.

That's all for now. πŸ’‹