Sunday 🌼
Arranging crystals for my oracle reading this morning

Sunday 🌼


Good afternoon, my oracle reading is up on IG, check it out if you like. I forgot to mention after I pulled the loneliness card, (yes...again, lol) I  heard 'you are not alone', by Micheal Jackson. I know people have mixed feeling about Micheal, he has passed on and I think his music should still have a listen, can't really remember this one but will listen to it now. Okay, its a little cheesy, but maybe that song resonates with someone on a higher level.

So July is Zita month. My white chihuahua that I had for 16+yrs. Her birthday is the on the 16th and I'll be doing her introduction that day. I hope everyone is having a good July 4th weekend! Stay hydrated and safe. It’s hot here today. I'm going to work on art in a few minutes for the Super Buck Moon in Capricorn. That should be fun. How will you celebrate? Tell, there, send it directly to my brain, wherever.

Recap of the reading, if you just want to get straight to the answers.

I'll be back tomorrow...thanks for reading.