Sunday reflection

Sunday reflection


I hope everyone has had a good day. Busy morning for me, I woke up at 4:44am, so 444. I had to clean a bit, but I am done now. Just finished dinner and I'm writing this of course, and listening to music.

I’ve decided, I'm going to get a terrarium for a crystal charging station, grab some sand and salt its going to be so cute! I may grab a couple more bone carvings too from the esty shop Bone Addict or Villiage Vibe. I have some crystals on my wishlist too I might grab 😱🤣.  Think I’ll go to bed holding my kundalini citrine more often its bringing me abundance.

I really loved my oracle reading this morning. I thought the music was a nice touch. Go check it out if you haven't on IG. I am in such high spirits, the last few days. Visions...yes. Been living in the higher chakras this weekend. After this week I'll have more content to show. Right now I'm watching this grasshopper outside, and I swear I looked away for a minute and back again and it was walking in the exact same place I first seen it. It's a glitch in the matrix 🤣, well, glitches are a sign your going the right direction.

I guess I’ll go for now...feeling stronger little by little :)

"I am protected on my life journey"