Sunday SELF-care
Just shakin my bones to the sounds

Sunday SELF-care


Good morning, so, how about that moon? I feel pretty good surprisingly, this go around which I am grateful. Making a switch to two magnesium capsules has had a drastic effect on me and it’s only been a few days, I’m still energized, so I guess I am absorbing more vitamins and beginning to feel the effects of being…less toxic in the blood and gut. It takes about four months usually to integrate vitamins and feel them working, but I think it is the magnesium I feel so it probably means I was deathly deficient. This one cleans your brain. Good thing, because it was getting quite dirty in there 😏🤣. Sleeping…well, the night before last I was talking in my sleep, it woke me up. I guess I had somethings to say that I just can’t get out in waking life.

It has been an exhaustingly long October to be quite honest, I feel very off routine and unfocused. I just can’t fooocus, I’m lost in lala land, but it’s been fun. Looking forward to some aspects of next month. I also just like to think about how much more healthy I’ll be at the end of it, and the month after that, and after that, and on and on. I’m planning on just getting stronger, more creative, more aligned with my soul, and sexier let’s not forget that one 🤣. I’m in such a strange mood. I can’t stop making these emoticon bunnies. I am also eating a gluten free brownie for breakfast, sometimes it just be like that! Sometimes I just say fuck it, for self care.

I have received a piece of costume for actual Halloween Day, it’s nicer than I expected, and something else I have had a while but not shown yet is the other part of the costume, but it’s not only for that. I can’t wait to show it because it is really cool and handmade. I love it! Solidifies high priestess energy…uh indefinitely. Being an empress bores me, 3D life bores me…let me be magical and wise and tuned inward.

Until tomorrow…good day! 🤣