Today’s FB memory of a picture from 19 years ago



Hello, and good morning, or god morgen Sondag in Norsk, if you feel like learning something.

I’ve been extra itchy the past few days, it is creeping me out. I know it’s just the heater being on in an already super dry environment. I wonder what will happen after moving somewhere with humidity again, I guess the skin will like it. I have some boxes to put together momentarily, and a new roll of packing foam 🙄 there wasn’t anything eco friendly in that form unfortunately but I do recycle it by reusing it when moving out again or when I send out packages to others. I‘m about to get out some old photo boxes and before I pack them away, I may do like a quick memory lane video, where I sift through them and I hold up a few pictures over the plastic bin I keep them in. Just a thought, probably only interesting to me.

One day closer…to 2024. Do I have it all figured out? No, lol, especially when I think I do, and I‘m like wait, what? I really don’t know what is happening I just know it’s the right direction by the way it feels, and I can’t stay here. Let’s just get there and find out. I guess there were two tornadoes in the city I’m going to back in Jan 2022, so that’s interesting, let’s hope I don’t get tossed in the air, I don’t even have my ruby slippers yet 😱🤣.

My eyes are really dry too, I don’t usually have any eye trouble. Maybe this candle I’m burning is the issue. Anyways, going to go eat now and press something cold against my eyelids then get on with packing my life up, lol. Happy Sunday! Hey self care, remember!