Sunday Self-care

Sunday Self-care


From last night

👆🏻 I posted this tall steady candle flame video on FB. I wasn’t using it for anything in particular, just lighting so I didn’t have to pack it. Can you see the candles energy beaming up from it, I couldn’t see that with the naked eye, only through the camera. Mesmerizing! So it means spirit is happy with my work, learned my lessons, obstacles being removed quickly, it is yes energy, clarity, manifestation is coming to fruition, what else? If you know more pyromancy then that leave me a comment. You‘ll have to subscribe though…or leave it on FB anyone can post on that post.

From today 👇🏻

Good morning, I was able to find a second to hop in here. Hi 😂! I just finished my hair. It made such a mess this time! I used a different brand which was not as thick, much more watery. I should get a tablecloth to put on the table when I do this. It is a different color soft black. Basically just a neutral deep black, I like it. I thought I’d show the back of my head. So long! 😳!

So that is done for the year. I need to work on getting my hair line cleaned up after this, it stained my skin pretty good, probably need to use shampoo and a washcloth and rub. It will lift off the skin in a day or two.