Sunday again
This heart looks really cool under the plant lamp

Sunday again


I have decided to write some more here and instead of tacking it on to the last post I thought I’d start a new one. Happy Sunday again. I slept pretty good just not real long.

I had moved my barrel cactus to a windowsill because it has etiolated. Which is it started to get pointy on top and twist. It happens in unnatural habitats with inadequate light source. Hopefully the windowsill is better for it and I’ll try to put it outside on extra sunny days. It is irreversible but maybe it will stop doing it now. Bad plant mom. I didn’t even name this one or include it on mother’s day post 🤦🏻‍♀️. Terrible! I’ll name it today.

So I had mochi yesterday for the first time! I loved it. Even though the rice ’skin’ is very reminiscent of actual skin 😦 I was able to get over it and enjoy. I got cookies and cream flavor. I’m going to say I imagine it was like eating frosty the snowman’s balls. Strangely that won’t stop me from buying them again, because it was pretty good.


That’s all I got right now. I’ll be back with a cactus name.

  • His name is Sharpie 🤣

Also I had like. 15 min nap after lunch and I woke up and opened Pinterest and on the top of my feed was this card that dropped my jaw. I need to get this oracle deck. It’s me! 😱🤣🤣🤣 I mean…what?! Look 👇🏻

It is the Archangel Micheal sword of light Oracle by Radliegh Valentine. If anyone wonders.