Sunday is for SELF-care

Sunday is for SELF-care

Photo of the Organ Mountains, Las Cruces, NM

Or atleast in my world it is. Whether you look at Sunday as the first day of the week, or the last, it’s a great day to recharge for Monday. All of the weight of the week prior needs to go, before starting the next one.  I personally also take Monday as a day of self-care in the manor of fun. There was a time in life I hated Mondays SO much I decided to eventually transform it into my funday, way back in the day of working a job away from the house.  I’ve loved it ever since, now Tuesday is the Monday of my week. I know...I need to fix that mindset. I’m blessed to have the means to stay at home and work at my own pace on things I like to do. Currently bring a project to life that will be available to purchase in the future. I may do more than one of this type of art because I have many ideas for it, and requires no upfront materials or cost. It may always be my side project.  More on that later. When I announce it, the subscribers to this blog will see it before the public eye.  So hop on that free subscription to see exclusive content!

Today for self-care I am writing this, writing is a huge soul soothing activity for me, I write constantly about all sorts of things.  I want to keep this blog fairly casual and unpretentious.  Writing basically in the way I speak, from time to time I may add a poem or something along those lines for subscribers as well. Those are my babies, I’ll only expose my rawness with people truly interested in that.

Also, Sundays I like to clean and rearrange my altar. Today I gave it more of a springtime look and less winter. I’m hoping the snow has passed and warm weather will take over. I’m looking to get my plants outside today that have spent the winter inside. I’m sure they are as excited to go out as I am.

My Altar

I currently live in the Chihuahuan desert located in a border town in the southeast corner of New Mexico. The elevation is on the high end at the foot of the Organ Mountains. While beautiful, it is a bit much for me at 4300ft with anemia, among other things.  I think being closer to sea level would be best for my health.  I also need some pool exercise, and that is just not available here…water is gold. Unless you are the ultra rich, which exist here, you won't be having a pool. I do prefer this climate over any other though, out of the places I’ve lived, it feels very much like home so far, as far as a destination can feel like home…I have other ideas brewing about that longterm. Another reason being lots of people have moved here since I did in 2019, making the housing market unaffordable which I expect to only get worse.  So I’ve thought about following the Rio even more south towards the gulf coast. However, I’ve not taken any steps towards that yet besides looking at housing prices and general info about the area.  It’s still just a thought ruminating, and I can take my time getting there.  Anyone from super duper south Texas? Do you like it? I don’t mean San Antonio either…way more south than that. I have some family in San Antonio I don’t know very well, but saw them a few years ago on vacation in Florida.  I’m sure they could give me some info too if I ask. I’m not willing to move any more north than I am currently, I like it hot!! 🤣 so that leaves Texas, California, Arizona, Hawaii and Florida. I’m tired of running from Florida hurricanes every year, and I lived there for 16 years…so. California is all kinds of NO, I have no desire to go to Hawaii let alone live there, Arizona has even worse water problems than I do. Hmm, looks like I’ve narrowed it down. That concludes my entry today, I’m off to lunch. Have an awesome Sunday.