Sunday after Dhanushkodi
Dhanushkodi Beach and ghost town on the India-Sri Lanka border

Sunday after Dhanushkodi

I go to sleep to go places


Good morning, what a night of adventure, I’m still recovering. I actually fell asleep last night before midnight and slept until 6:30am! So I am feeling pretty good. I had an amazingly clear lucid dream right before waking up this morning of walking in the ocean in a different country. What country it was I wasn’t so sure, but I found it in a picture this morning after waking up! I shit you not, I’ve never been there or even ever thought about it, never heard of it, but the photos I found were the same pictures I was taking on my phone!!! It was a place in India called, Dhanushkodi. Which is the opening photo collage of royalty free photos above. I was with someone, talking to them about their photos they were capturing, and I seemed to know the person well in my dream, but they were unrecognizable in this life I cannot place them at all, but they were like a best friend. Someone I haven’t met yet perhaps. Did I visit an alternate universe and I am visiting beyond 5D and into 8D…9D. I’m so intrigued. I even feel like I have had some sea salt therapy. I wonder if you do travel into the beyond dimensions into alternate universes it would be a key to healing your physical body in this realty, or am I putting this dimension on a pedestal? So healing your body somewhere far away in a body that is still yours only transmuting experiences from a different reality into this one. That is trippy, and I’m not high. Is this too much to think about before breakfast?

I can’t wait to start watching Gaia today, I added it too my Roku player. where do I start? Very interested in “Rewired“ series. What are you doing today…for selfcare? Don’t forget to go to the 5D…work that pineal gland 😏.