Ahhh…a ramble
A cup I forgot I had. I got in Tucson in 2019. Drinking hot lemon and strawberry water

Ahhh…a ramble

Happy Sunday, and Father’s Day, and selfcare day, and Saturn RX. Fun fact I was born in Saturn Rx, not sure if that makes me more adaptable to it or not. Lol. Ah the witch planet 🤣, where I’m from, I have the glyph tattooed my back, I do have lots of witch marks. My neck birthmark, a belly button mole is the texture of a nipple 🫢 and it’s shrinking almost gone which is strange, a boob mole, I have three small light moles in a straight line going up my face. I’ve heard your birthmark is the point of the death in your last life, people without birthmarks have either healed themselves from past lives so much they no longer carry scars through to the current life anymore, or drowned, or are brand new souls in their first life. I guess I was speared through the throat 😬, ouch! I mean, it probably hurt, I don’t remember.

Anyways, I am SOOOO tired today. Again I slept fine but still tired after  waking up so where have I been? I don’t remember, but I must have been astral traveling somewhere, and that is exhausting, but I felt happy when I woke up. I’m also still shifting from food changes and vitamins.  My feet hurt a lot yesterday. I thought my toes looked really weird as well, like freezer burnt hot dogs, ah neuropathy, lol. Started crying rubbing them basically just frustrated with my body, and because my right big toenail is leaking again. Ahhh noooooo! Then I spiraled for a minute, sad because I can never seem to be physically there for people when they need me to be. Physically I…can’t…even.  Everyone lives far away too, I’m not able to quickly hop on a plane towards anyone.  I hope people understand it’s not because I don’t want to see them, sometimes I catch myself thinking I’ll never see anyone again. I’m trying my hardest without putting my body through stress, to get more mobile so I can eventually get thee fuck out sometimes. I also want to move to South TX at some point, but I need to be able to make the trip, and not die. That isn’t an exaggeration, unfortunately.

Positively speaking now my body does feel like it’s changing already, clothes fit looser, falling off actually, so I’m not as swollen.  I’m going to start eating ginger root and hot lemon water before dinner to get my liver to work on fat metabolism. I guess you are not ever supposed to drink cold drinks while you eat, it messes with stomach acid and solidifies fat in your stomach. Actually drinking 30 mins before and 30 minutes after eating is ideal. Who does that? I expect to feel run down during detox and I’ll be ordering the liver detox pills from Thorne very soon, I think it’s 45 or 60 days. Then it should be much easier after, debating on getting rid of coffee and replacing it with Ryze mushroom coffee, or at least give it a try for a month. All I can do is keep trying in a forward motion, adding and subtracting things.  Trying to see the underlying causes of my cravings. I still need to get magnesium, and D3+K2. Low D is making me weepy. I know that sounds dirty…and I can’t even laugh.

Well, I’m starting to see a shift in conversation here so I should probably go for now.  Here some photos of someone who doesn’t care about anything in the world, lol.