Desert Life


I was so excited to blog today, but as the day went on I realized I have no ideas on what to say! How weird! 🤣

Chimālmā on this day last year...

So I guess I’ll just talk about the day…I’m so sorry guys.  Maybe I’ll blog tomorrow to make up or it. I’m trying to hold off on posting art because that is for Tuesday.  This morning I did my Oracle reading. Then house cleaning stuff, laundry, nothing too exciting. Tried the new strawberries and cream Dr. Pepper. I know, not great for me, but I don’t usually drink sodas and I was curious about it, because I love strawberry stuff. It was okay. I’m kind of dazed, I did pull four of swords in my writual planner, I usually rest most of the day Sundays anyway.  This is an integration time of new energies, Taurus season is rest season.

Serpentine heart, that is also a wish stone. The white line goes in a circle, I posted this on social media tomorrow last year.

I am going to pick a new crystal for the month this week, stay tuned on IG. I will be doing a crystals post here soon. Maybe that will be tomorrow. The photo above is last years from this week. I will also have two air/wind divination tools this month aswell. These things are not expensive, and I'm on a low buy.

I haven’t decided yet but I am probably going to get a few new polishes from Cirque Colors before the temperature outside gets much hotter, June is the hottest month I've found and I need keep that in mind when I order things.  If you have been following me on social media for awhile you may have heard me mention that I don’t buy polish in the summer. It can explode, it has happened to me before when I lived in Florida. Such a mess! I haven’t purchased any this year at all, so that is really amazing for my low buy.  I’ve really cut back,  I think I only bought one color last year.  I enjoy Cirque Colors, they may be my favorite brand of all time. There are a few really unique finishes that I’d like to add to my collection, plus they have a 'do good polish' every month which I like.  They are high-end prices so I’m trying to do it in doses of three at a time. I still haven’t purchased the ring light yet that I want for photos of my stamping looks. Soon, its not expensive.  I’d also like to try Mooncat polish someday, and I wish FUN lacquer (out of Singapore) had a US warehouse because I’d like to try it too. They do worldwide shipping but to get free shipping you have to put in a $170 order 🤣. I do understand why but, Yikes!

It is so late!  So...Im going to sign off on this post now. Thanks for checking it out if you did. If anyone has wondered why I've been absent from FB so long I just haven't found the time, I'm going to try and login tomorrow.  Goodnight 🌙

I think I'm refreshing my hair tomorrow, its been overdue