She’s having a quiet contemplation before getting on with her day, full of napping, eating and being cute, she hasn’t started packing her bag yet 😂



I feel great in the body today! I‘m glad, it makes everything else easier to deal with. Little by little progressing, today is a cleaning day, as in floors, laundry, bathrooms, and dishes. It is really nice outside in the 60’s so Vera and Pygmalion are outside catching rays for the day. I still need to clean out four candles to keep their holders. The witch in me cannot part with holders and jars. To empty them I use a coffee mug warmer plate and let the remaining wax liquify then it can be dumped into the garbage and wipes out easily with paper towels. So it’s easy just not fun, if you‘re artsy you could just pour the wax on a canvas. Looking outside the box however, I’m packing so I’m not going to do that, but perhaps in the future…

I am going to get Chimmie a sweater, her hair is so thin and short I don‘t want her to get too cold on the way to the new place. I have two of Zita’s old shirts that might fit I think. I need to find them, so she‘ll have two shirts to start the Midwest winter 🥶. There is a fleece lined vest/coat thing that might fit too. I don’t go so far as to put shoes on my dog though 🤣.

I purchased the active b12 vitamin from methyl-life, yesterday before noon so it shipped out already. I only have a few pills left of my old brand. I’m going to get all my vitamins I’m running low in before moving so I don’t have to think about it for awhile.

I guess I’m going to go, the floors and bathrooms are done, laundry in, dishes started after lunch in an hour or so. Food in crockpot for dinner. Then tomorrow is Thanksgiving shopping, 😩 and Tuesday a meeting with a mover to seal their estimate. Gotta call from a different mover today the estimate was +8K! 😂🤣😂 um…NO! Still have one more that might call today hopefully 🤞🏻 much cheaper.

Happy self care day ❤️, I miss you