Super Blue 🌝 in ♓️

Super Blue 🌝 in ♓️


How we feelin today? Good I hope, I know I am, I tend to feel moon energies a few days before, and I'm already feeling lighter and it has just arrived. This is a fantastic full moon as long as you are positive and not absorbing everyone else's emotions, which are all the way on! Be the observer instead, remember currently Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Jupiter are all in retrograde 😬.  Ground the heavy energy back down into the earth. I pulled my own tarot and took notes, and then some collective oracle cards. The oracle cards went together so well for this moon, so interesting how it worked out. Big focus on 'Trust', especially your own intuition. This moon is all about third eye and crown chakra activations/upgrades, spiritual advancements and clarity. Trust yourself, and that everything is working out, let your intuition be your guide it will not steer you wrong because your soul only wants what is best for you, your job is to learn to trust it.

Okay let me get into the gallery and I'll talk more. The one pic of my three newest crystals are an agate eye, cinnabar double fish carved bead, and a green jade cicada.

I spoke of trust already so lets move to crown chakra, so this is your spiritual opening, try listening to a combo thirdeye/crown binuaral beat (I'll plug one below this paragraph),  because you will be taking in new spiritual knowledge for the next few days, that will help in transmuting energy if needed, which you are being reminded to keep balanced with the next card in line. Don’t forget to find a moment for 'you' time, don’t give too much of your energy away, even though energy is supercharged.  Accept that you are in the right place at the right time. Dream big to create your future. Balance has been the big word of the month of August as far as I can remember.

Violet and blue are the big colors of the day which will set your mood to tranquil and serene even while the energy around you may be a bit more chaotic. Violet is color of the purifier, cleanser, transmuter, magic, mysticism and mystery, 'the violet flame'. The last card is fourth house as in which deals with (house/home) depending on which sign rules your forth house it may be more or less effected by the moons position.  Basically this card is telling you to make your home a sanctary not a warzone. Keep a healthy work-life balance, as in don't take work problems home with you, or if you work from home leave it to a specific room in your home and set time for work then when the time is up stop, and go about the rest of your day, don’t obsess. If you are away from home, find a sanctuary within your soul and safe surroundings, find your center and start afresh.

I know I used a lot of crystals today 😂, I get carried away. I don’t want anyone to feel leftout. How cute was the little cinnabar Pisces fish bead.  What I did forget was to light my Pisces candle, I do have one, Oops. I can still light it tonight, the moon doesn't come out until 7:30 PM EST,  I guess it just won't be here in this post.

So try and enjoy your day Pisces sun, moon, and risings, even though Mars is opposing Neptune causing a little confusion and disorientation its trust remember and triggers are growth, have faith, drop control.

So funny story, I take my earbuds out when I get up to do something, and when I went to put them back in my ears they connected to itunes before my screen came back on and I hear 😂😂😂 this 👇

'Are you ready Steve? Uh-huh, Andy? Yeah, Mick? Okay, Alright Fellas, lets go!'

I cracked up, and realized it was Ballroom Blitz, and I thought to myself...WTH...when is the last time I ever listened to this? I do own it, but still it's been years. I wonder why the earbuds default back to itunes instead of spotify, I never go there...EVER. Spooky! Hilarious though and I can’t get the song out of my head now. It always reminds me of Wayne's World.