Super Full Harvest 🌕 in ♈️
Last night

Super Full Harvest 🌕 in ♈️


Good morning! Happy Friday, that moon is the largest I have seen this year the pic does no justice. I set up my card reading area and arranged my crystals, then I lit my candle. The flames are tall and bright so lots of energy today, barriers to success are quickly falling away. Fast happy results likely...ooh! 😂 Anyways, that makes sense for the occassion, take as your own candle if you like.


Here are my things:

The oracle cards are for everyone, details are written on the bottom of second page undernotes. Just an observation also, I had to cough a lot this morning, I also had covid during the new moon in Aries, so work on an protect your throat chakra. Emphasis on #5 or #55 because it came out twice, could be a big change or challenge, could be a significant age of someone or something or upcoming celebration including the number five, could be getting some news quickly (in 5 hours or days) due to fire energy. Ugh, 😂 I meant to post glyph for mars in ♎️ mercury...I'm not changing it in pic, I know what I meant.

I guess I kind of screwed myself over with those intentions coming into fruition, Since I didn't make any in April 🙄 whoops!

Now for the participating Crystals...

5th dimension: (inside the infinite dodechedron) obsidian, selenite towers and disc, full moon bone carving, red jasper, rutile quartz with tourmaline, All is in peaceful surrender. "peace" ring, "surrender" beebop.

4th dimension: (top of terrarium) scolesite palmstone, wild beebop, and 2 dream rings. "Wild dreams!!"

3rd dimension: (on the table)palo santo candle in evil eye pot, selenite star, "Edgar" the onyx raven, obsidian pentacle, tourmaline, hagstone, clear quarz flame, "protect" ring, almondine garnet palmstone, clear quartz tantric twin, "wisdom", "truth", and "rebuild" rings, two sardonyx spheres, black jade and carnelian rings, dragons blood sphere, obsidian heart an anatomical heart, fire and ice quartz, obsidian trishul with agate eye (I protect) facing me, and a fortune I got this week from takeout that says, "I have exquisite taste" 😂 ( Well, I do!)

That concludes my rituals for the day! bye for now. oh, 11:11 on the clock.