Super 🦌 🌝 in ♑️
Art for the moon...🪄

Super 🦌 🌝 in ♑️


Good morning! I slept amazing, woke up at 5:10am today a few extra minutes later than usual, and I was comfortable, pleasantly warm almost sweaty, it’s a strange feeling because as I have mentioned before I don’t sweat, add it to the list of strange things about me. Must have been my sleep paralysis demon, warm cuddles.

It is a super moon, in Capricorn today, the Buck moon, aka thunder moon, aka blessings moon. Capricorn is not my moon sign but I will still be quite affected by the pull being my sun sign. Cancer season as-well, and I’ve already shared a few posts back that Cancer is my rising sign and opposite of Capricorn so yeah I’m a mixed up kid/ 🐐. Today I'm feeling upbeat, hilarious and cute 🤣.

🤪 This is Chup Chup a scary lil monster from Squishable

For those of you that enjoy seeing my moon card reading for myself, let’s get into it gallery below 👇

I set the table with charged crystals and lit my Pandora’s box. Seemed like the appropriate candle for the occasion, welcome to my unboxing. Pulled four oracle cards as well, and filled out my ritual planner. Enjoy! Don't judge my handwriting lately, my pen sucks and is drying up, not sure why I’ve not changed it out. The overall energy of the week is King of wands, and lots of fire in the full moon reading, looks like fast, sexy, creative times.

I wish you a happy full moon release of the sexy kind �!! If you are not in good spirits today don't forget to ground yourself, this is an Earth moon, do earth moon things, enjoy the material realm for a spell. Many Blessings

"We look up at the sky and we remember that we are never alone"