Super Powers Activation
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Super Powers Activation


Hello! I've decided I'm going to start typing in the date under the titles. It's annoying to me not know what day I wrote what.

So during the next six months we are to see our spiritual super powers come to light, (if you’ve not already noticed them.) I’ve already seen people coming into theirs including myself. As I said many times before I am VERY Clairaudient, I might act like I’m not, it doesn’t mean I understand everything I hear though. Usually I’ll come to an aha moment with that eventually, at a random time and usually I’ll laugh mostly because it’s fascinating.  I am coming into my other clair’s at this time in on this physical plane.  One that seems to have steadily leveled up in the past few months is my clairvoyance and claircognizance. I just see and know shit, pertaining to my own journey. Oh clairtangency, and I think I was born telepathic.

Today I have lots of clarity in ways I’m excited about. I just know I’m about to rapidly heal and everything I am about to start is right.  Meanwhile I have had two things come up the other day that is testing me, especially because I’m trying to be positive and happy and this trying to bring me down, not happening! I’ve learned the lesson of I’ll be ok no matter where I am, I’m secure in my inner world nothing can stop me from the outside. One was having a nail in a tire,  and it being close (or so I thought) to replacing all tires on the car. Turns out it needed patched and was told the tires have another two years before needing replaced, and was patched for free! Had I let myself go down the road of despair, all tires would have needed replaced and cost $1000. Money I was going to use for art supplies. Instead, I was calm, I laughed to myself and just thought whatever happens it’s going to be ok, so it was a non issue in the end, still getting art supplies. The other thing…well, I might know more by tonight but I probably can’t talk about it yet until it is finalized.

2024 is going to look so different, remember next year is Strength. I guess I’m starting to think about it because it’s almost the 8th month as well. Previously I talked about next year and I wasn’t sure if I was going to get stronger, or need more strength than before to get through it. Now I just know, I’ll be stronger, (but I’m also being guided to strength train also, very lightly).  Physically, mentally, emotionally all of the things. The next few months have some possible hurdles but come January I’ll look back and say damn that’s amazing.

Last month I had come into just knowing I’m a manifesting generator. I have recognized a limitless supply of creative internal energy, I have bouts of sleepiness don’t get me wrong my body needs rest, from all the upgrading but the rest of me doesn’t. I feel like I’ve passively rubbed off on others as well, it’s interesting. When you want better for others, show them how you want better for yourself, and they will take note subconsciously or perhaps consciously and start caring about bettering themselves too. This is how we change the world in a positive direction. Be an example of what it looks like to love yourself and know you deserve to be here, as much as anyone else. This is like, “leading a horse to water but can’t make it drink.” That’s true, but you show them it’s okay to drink it by taking a drink yourself.  Is that a good example 😂 I don’t know.

This time last year I wasn’t in a positive mindset, although I put on a smile and tried to lift others up, as I was going through my own crap about possibly having to move again. So last summer was painful. I didn’t realize how much I physically suffered until fall came and it started to ease up. I have learned how to feel and move the energy out of me. I have grown to realize it isn’t my job to keep everyone else happy, it is their job, my Capricorn sun sign acknowledges that easily, but my Cancer rising wants to mother others, and my Scorpio moon just holds her breath until she passes out. I feel like as I came to that realization and I upgraded slowly to having more energy. Now at this time, I’m better to lend my help to others selectively. I also, just know not to worry anymore, using energy for that doesn’t benefit anyone. I’m not triggered by outside influences in the same ways anymore. If changing timelines were a literal walk, I think it would look like Christopher Walken in that one Fat Boy Slim video….😂.

I played with procreate app yesterday, lol. So fun. Well, I’m going to eat lunch now, have a great day and thanks for keeping up with me.