Super Sturgeon 🌝 in ♒️
A photo from last nights epic lightning Venus in retrograde

Super Sturgeon 🌝 in ♒️


Firstly, hello. Happy August 2023, we are almost through the summer, wow. Today is also Lammas Day for my northern hemisphere witches, a time of shifting to slowing down for the change of seasons. Celebrating the first harvest, the goddess in her aspect of grain mother, harvest mother, earth mother, Ceres and Demeter. Demeter representing the ripe corn for the year's harvest, and her daughter Persephone represents the grain. The full moon is also known as corn moon in Europe and Sturgeon moon in the North America (a Native American name due to plentiful sturgeon populations in the month of August). I didn’t prepare a Lammastide altar...I'm super unprepared for today in all aspects to be honest 🤣

I won't be doing 'Art Dump Tuesday' today, I apologize. I purchased some crystals in hopes they would arrive in time for my tarot spread today but they did not, so I'll make due with what I already have. I will add the crystals for a blue moon spread at the end of the month. I'll still unbox them here sometime in between.

Quick story before getting into the tarot, I’ll also pull oracle for the collective today, and show you my pages.

Yesterday I had a moment where I was holding my Argonite palmstone, rolling it around in my hand and I came to an understanding of the deep connection I have towards my crystals. I burst into tears for a short time, not in sadness, but like a soothing aha moment of intuitive understanding, that I will not be able to translate into words well, but I'll try.

It truly is like an ancient memory of how we were, at the time of creation all particles of raw material floating in space and how at a unfathomably small state our 3D mind cannot comprehend the same material in the crystal is also in us. It comes from the same source in combinations different yet the same and familiar. I feel a bond to them in this way. I feel the vibrations of each of them as an enhancement to my own, we are all connected at this uncomprehensible level. Perhaps the more crystalline we become the stronger the bond we have to these raw materials.  I rarely let others intuitively choose my larger unique crystals, I like auctions and shops where I choose my specimen. I will recognize it as if it were an old friend, because it is, lock on to it, and get it. I feel that every crystal I own is meant for me to have, but if I don’t bond with it, then I pass it on. It is as if they are ancient parts of another me at another time at a super small level that I am here to find again to enhance my life. I know that is super weird but I thought I'd share. It is a we are stardust outlook. I'm sure an astrophysist would have a more eloquent approach to explaining it.

Okay...let’s do the writual planner, the moon comes out at 2 something pm in the east so, 4 something pm MDT 🤣. It doesn’t really matter when...and I only have moldivite incense so that will have to do for that crystal for the Aquarius full moon, I also have aquamarine, obsidian and azurite. I super include them, along with others I intuitively choose to help me clarify, the reading. I am feeling very lighthearted so I feel like there will be funny channeling here today.  Going to light my sage and palo santo candle as well. I'm wearing silver, opal and moonstone and all my moon ritual rings are in the salt and selenite to charge their inscribed powers: clarity, wisdom, truth, luck, wealth, protect, and peace. I've cleared my chakras and cleansed my aura, like I said feeling good,  my tarot deck cleared with my feather, spirit called in with bells.

The Chariot is the overall energy of the month, just thought I'd show. It took a lot of will power get here from last months heavy energies, its nice to see the Chariot following through into the sun. 100 years of karma to be clearing with the moon today! If nothing else, that is a victory.

Channeled messages

During the tarot: ‘Wheel of fortune’, song by The Virgins

During the oracle card draws: Well, ‘don’t tread on me’ is a phrase seen a lot with the snake symbol and the word ‘freedom’ and ‘America’, ‘give me liberty or give me death’ . Also I’ll just throw in ‘Fuck around, and find out’ because Venus is in retrograde, and I pulled Venus in reverse card which is the challenge position.

"Respect my Authorituh", as Cartman says also popped into my head, and I laughed because it sound like a Leo sun thing to say to Aquarius moon, while Aquarius says, "respectfully sire...NO."

The card see with you heart, the time is now to hear the messages…This moon is bringing to light some big news in a not so subtle way, so be prepared to hear something, but try and see things positively because maybe it’s darma.

The Get along gang song also came into my head, All I remember is, “get along gang, get along” 😂. Ok, not sure if that’s for me. Then when I went to type it into Google the first pop up was ‘get along’ by Kenny Chesney which I’ve never heard, because country is my least favorite music, but it has its moments, lol. I’ll check it out though, maybe I’m suppose hear it.

Alright I am done here for the day, I hope this was satisfactory. Off to hear the Kenny Chesney song. Hopefully I'll get through it.


update after the song:

Umm , wow! that song resonated SO MUCH with this reading, yes its definately and August moon listen. Just not for me, sorry country is rough 🤣, but the message is good.