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I swear that cloud is a dragon

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Hello! Writing out some full moon notes, not sure if that is of anyone's interest but I find it fun. It also helps me pre-pull and charge my crystals/tools for a reading, in this case, tomorrow. I do have a few new crystals for this moon, but not sure if they’ll be here in time, o'well if not no big deal, I have a few already that will suffice. Here are the notes...

I would say any white, clear, red, moonstones and black crystals and candle colors, will be ideal for an Aries moon altar, or card reading enhancements. Burn rituals: write down what you need to let go of this moon cycle, (no! not people names!), then burn the paper, blow the ashes out into the air (outside of course πŸ˜‚). Passion is in the forefront, and can be positive or negative, when Mars is involved with the Moon just try and stay positive. Really the rest of the year should be relatively 'good' the biggest tests have already been passed and past problems have been cleared and forgiven already in Leo season. Learn to transmute the stress you may feel, warranted or not, your body knows no difference, move it out of you. You may feel supercharged again this moon because 'supermoon', so you may have trouble sleeping. To balance that you could use play. Play is exercise, dance, or yoga. It could also be very tedious type work that takes precision and repetitive motions like sewing, sculpture, detail painting, or working with numbers and counting. So tire yourself out in a good way doing something you like! Spend your passion on joys not anger. Thats all for now, more tommorow πŸ™‚.

"Crystals know the darkness, they can help you through yours"