That’s a wrap
A throwback I think 2006/7

That’s a wrap


My top songs of 2023 according to wrapped

I usually post my Spotify wrapped on social media which I already did this year. However I thought it might be fun to post it here as well. Semi accurate, I can’t imagine I listened to number 1 more than 4! Hmm, well I listened to Spotify a lot less this year about cut in half actually. I usually listen on Bandcamp more if it’s music I’ve purchased there because it sounds way better, just being honest. Then I still occasionally listen on YouTube and physically if I’m really feeling like it. I mostly buy cds for support of my favorite people and don’t get around to listening much to them. Vinyl I collect and play, I’m so behind on vinyl. I’ll post my most wanted at the bottom of this list. I may have the past few years wrapped results too…let me check. I listened to so much new stuff this year it was hard to keep up and fit it all in!

Here are past years…last year I played Spotify in the background almost constantly to help boost songs, I feel like I joined before 2021 too, but maybe not…can’t find anything.

So, I don’t buy everything on vinyl, I am kind of choosy. I have only been buying a couple years now. When I was a teen that’s all I did with my money, go to the record store and buy cds, movies, and books. Then later in life bought digital music on iTunes after a time of not buying any. I had some really old vinyls given to me by a friend in Florida before I had a player a few years back. I just framed them most didn’t really play anymore anyways. If I have bought two vinyls of the same album, one to listen to and one to frame you are so special to me. I actually think I‘ve only done it once :)

Anyways here is my most wanted list, I can’t really purchase anything physical for a few months as you can probably guess why

  1. Trees of eternity- Hour of the Nightngale (very hard to find but I’d pay those prices of $60-100)
  2. Aleah-Aleah (easier to find but still a little pricey)
  3. Pink turns Blue- If two worlds Kiss, and Meta
  4. VV-Neon Noir
  5. Kerli-Shadoworks (if she ever releases it, missed it the first time 🫤, people selling it for hundreds of dollars)
  6. Depeche Mode-Momento Mori
  7. Kanga-Under Glass (if there are even any left, or reissued later)
  8. Any/All Twin Tribes vinyls, I have none! 
  9. And strange enough because it is a recent looping thing in my brain Kansas-Leftoverture

That is all off the top of my head I’m sure I could think of more. Maybe this was interesting? Bye for the night.