That’s spicy 🤭🤤
Last nights peppery pasta, but its got nothing on that oracle reading today!

That’s spicy 🤭🤤


I can be a little more relaxed here 😏

Happy Sunday...FUN day according to the oracle reading I did today. I pulled Tantra not once but twice in two decks! So you know what todays self care is about. Then we got Libra which is the balance card, and tantra is about balancing your energies and exploration of your inner universe so that goes with it. The blame card, you are responsible for your own happiness, that goes with it too. Not saying tantra isn’t shared sometimes....but happiness is an inside job which you cannot blame anyone else for. Then we got explore, love, create card 🤣. Yes. We are all better people when we take care of ourselves. If only everyone would get over the stigma of self pleasure we could all be a little closer 😏 5D.

So everybody relax...give yourself two orgasms today. One for each card, spirit insists 😆. Get lost in your creative flow.

If I don't rub you right I'm probably not for you...if I do then your welcome 😂😉