The best days are yet to come
These cranes were made by a fellow New Mexican that has a shiba inu! 🐕

The best days are yet to come


Always believe it, or better yet, know it. We are at a new state of awareness, that deeep calm state of knowing. Trust it.

If you aren’t feeling that way go back to shadow work, it’s ok. I'm trying to take break from it because I’m obsessed with it, but tis the season.

I woke up on the happy side of the bed today apparently 🤣. Ready to spread my good vibes to the world earlier than usual, I don't know, I just feel great. I slept until 5:10am which is a little later than usual, but I'm going to bed later 10-10:30pm.

I was laying there replaying the dream I just had. One of those dreams you wake up and literally say, "no, it should be real!" Sometimes I get disappointed when that kind of dream happens, but dreams are messages, especially right now, and this one is not really as far fetched as some. I'm not going to tell specifics because I don’t want to self sabotage. Let's just say I was previewing a future creation, on paper. I see no reason it can't exist, I mean since I already saw it has to exist on a timeline somewhere...

Today I started my biotin, and I'm off of regular coffee and only drinking the Laird mushroom coffee latte. Did not like the 365 instant  coffee. I'm not an instant coffee drinker so I wasn't sure what I was getting into, it is very bitter. I just wanted one that was organic because pesticides and stuff, and I usually drink Starbucks verbena I think it's called.  But the Laird is organic so that's good. I'll just have the 365 as emergency coffee, or try it as a cold brew sometime.

Here's a pic of last nights dinner, I like getting crunchy tacos at Chipotle because they have to make them for you 🤣, and I'm lazy sometimes, if you get soft tacos they just throw a roll of tortillas in the bowl.

Sofrita tacos from chipotle, haven't eaten there since Feb!

I found myself replaying an advertisment of the Almond Cow yesterday. Have you seen it? It is a plant milk machine you put in plants/seeds/vegetables...whatever in it and it milks it. 😏 . I know where your brain went...🤣 stop it. So yeah pretty neat but $250 dollars is a little steep for some plant milk. I do dislike seeing a bunch of fillers on the labels of prepackaged milks though, so many with added crappy cyano b12 and folic acid can we stop it please! That super drink advertised as being the healthiest on earth Ka'chava...cyano b12! Those taco shells were probably enriched corn as well, it so hard to eliminate these things.

I'm going to make my social rounds now and get on with my day, hopefully find some inspiration along the way, or atleast be amused. Laughing is good for the soul! Happy Friday