The bodies of hours ⏳
These bodies of ours, the bodies of hours…

The bodies of hours ⏳


Hello, I thought that I would show a sneak peak of a video I finished today. This time I’ve actually had the title first, and then created from it. This feature art is actually taken from the Konza prairie where the prescribed burn which happened a while ago was still smoking recently, pretty eerie looking. You may recognize that I incorporated the bunny and the deer spirit animals from previous stories/videos as well. Interpret it how you like.

The title was a message, I heard one day, and so I wrote it down. I heard, “These bodies of ours, but thought bodies of hours. I liked both in thinking, these bodies of ours, bodies of hours, in meaning our physical vessels are finite. So yeah, kind of morbid I guess, it depends on what you think happens after life. I was watching something the other day where Matt Damon was being asked what he thought happens when we die, He simply said, “I think we go home.“ I love that, I hope he’s right as long as home means where we feel we belong, and not rebirth starting all over again the exact same way, over and over. Same place same parents same same same, I don’t want to do this all over again.

Anyways, this is the last clip of the video. I wanted to show how when we cross to the otherside we don’t take anything with us. We are naked again and return to the air as dust and light into the night sky so it shows both light and dark aspects. The threshold art from the other day I had reused here to show a gateway between, in this case life and death or if you’d rather life and rebirth. Whatever you wish to think.

I’ll post on IG in a few days, so stay tuned. Have a good night 😴