The Nomad & other things

The Nomad & other things


Good morning! From the local desert gyspy, I don't steal or enslave or fight ya for it though, lol. Wow, its my 144th post...144 maybe be significant. I am finishing up the last sips of my second Laird latte of the day with the sunshine blasting in my eyes. I've already photic sneezed a dozen or so times, even with sunglasses on! Yes, I'm that weirdo, sunglasses in the house, as I have that genetic tendency to sneeze to death. It can seem a bit dramatic 🤣, just another vampire trait. Speaking of vampire, I have B blood, I think the most concentrated area of the world for B blood is Romania and Turkey, hmm, neat!

Anyways, so B blood is associated with air magic, and my fingerprints are loops which is associated with water magic. I've never actually eaten a blood type diet but I have seen those and wondered about the validity. I do seem to have grain issues so I probably would do best on a keto diet, but I'm not a meat person, while not entirely vegetarian or vegan I've never been a big carnivore. I'm always looking towards cutting out more of it, but as of today I suffer that omnivore’s dilemma. Which is also the title of a good book from Micheal Pollan, if you'd like to know more about it and the current food industry in general. I think it was made into a documentary as well, but can't really remember, its been a decade or so since I read it. I guess it doesn’t really matter what I do since can't absorb nutrients from food anyways. Just FML!!

Since I live in the desert it only makes sense to practice harnessing air magic because it is the strongest element to work with here anyways. Water not so much. Fire sure (careful though), earth yes, I do consider myself a crystal witch, which combines all elements with spirit. I didn't choose it, it chose me, and it took me many years to understand that it is my calling. I really don't practice much written or spoken spellwork, its too much like work. I work in silence or with shamanic drums, chimes, bells, nature sounds, breathing and singing bowls. I would never, use it negatively to cause harm, destruction(unless necessary), or take someones free will way, that is extremely bad karma! I use it to gain understanding of self, forecasting, guidence, and insights, benefiting my personal selves on all planes of existence and the environment around me for the better and greater good of all. That is all I could ask for. I choose knowing that my existence matters even if it is minutely beneficial for anything or anyone else. I try to give more than I take, and leave things better not worse than I found it. This is my deep connection to the earth.

Air magic is associated with sword energy and the word (No), and again I'll acknowledge the negative aspects but choose to see it in postive ways if I can. Clearing & Clarity above all, cutting away everything not helpful, useful or relevent to the present. Cutting to understand, clearing up and facing your inner bs, cleansing as in sweeping away or using smoke to wash over everything, expanding consciousness, knowledge, regeneration, recovery, and communication.