The rush 😬
This candle is almost gone, but definitely keeping holder

The rush 😬


Good morning. One day closer getting this shit done. Started my 🩸 today so I am one day late this time, so getting back on track it seems. Just as long as it isn’t while on the road is all I ask. That would be a nightmare and I don’t have to worry about that now.

Have to unpack the rest of my Amazon order today when it comes. Just ordered wardrobe boxes, TV box, mirror box and more bubble wrap in stock and arriving today. Need to get a plastic bin this weekend for everything going with me, and just start throwing stuff in it. Hoping to be mostly done by tomorrow so I can just chill most of Sunday and Monday, get some cookies. Time to start eating off paper plates for the most part. Then back at doing things like getting the trash out, clean fridge, and rehoming couches and treadmill, clothes to goodwill.

Was sitting here looking at the photos of the kitchen trying to envision my stuff there. I’ll insert a photo since it isn’t identifiable to a specific address. This is what it looks like. It’s pretty small, livingroom is opposite side so it’s all together and open. I’m thinking my yoga skeletons might look good on top the cabinets. Washer and dryer are in a closet opposite wall of kitchen. Decided to keep my round glass table it will fit opposite the kitchen counter as you walk in the door I think. If it doesn’t, I’ll just store it or sell it. I counted all the windows, I like to put curtains up immediately when I can, so those go with me, not movers. I have cute small tulle valences for the kitchen, but I have to use the heavy black ones for bedrooms or I can’t sleep.

I guess I should get off here for now to start the day. I’ll be back 😆.