Tirsty Torsdag
Candlelight in the wee hours, do you see the skeletons?

Tirsty Torsdag


Good morning, it’s thirsty Thursday in Norsk 👆🏻🤣, that’s fun to say. I’m drinking coffee right now, then only hydrating drinks for rest of the day. Another great night of sleep, woke up a little early 4:30am, but I am an early bird, my night owl days are few and far between. I used to be both when my sleep was sporadic. Drinking one cup of regular coffee, deciding to take a break from the mushroom coffee for bit because it’s expensive, also a break from sole water to see how I feel without it. Trying to apply k.i.s.s. principle where I can, which I always thought was keep it simple stupid but I guess it’s keep it super simple. Oops.

Had an internet outage here for 4 hours yesterday, I almost lost my mind. So, I started prepping for bed and I laid down at 9pm and it magically was back on, but I just went to sleep anyways. It’s weird but I cannot surf the web laying in bed I have to lay on my side and my vision is altered from one side of my face squishing into the pillow and I can’t hold my phone far enough from my face to see it 🤣 is it just me? I feel like it’s just me.

Y’all wanna see a throwback Thursday gallery? I cropped out others in photos for their privacy. 😂 enjoy